Wedding Planners Goa

Looking to create, locate and organize the perfect celebration for the biggest day of your life? Well, look no further as WEDDING WORKS is on hand to

help you make memories for a lifetime. Whether you are looking for elegance or class or just something unique,

We have got something for everyone’s needs, styles and budgets.

So no matter what your vision is for your big day, we will bring it to life,

with creative vision and panache, exceeding your every expectation.

We offer a wide array of services for your destination wedding. Reach us today to know more on our customized packages.

 Give us a call if you are getting married and are looking for a wedding planner in Goa.

Month Of Co-ordination

The last few weeks can be really stressful and for couples who need assistance to manage the event or even finalizing the details which we put together so that  you can relax and enjoy the big day



Partial- Planning

Ideal for couples that have planned the details of the day they tie the knot and need help in organizing the details and customizing various aspects to meet your preferences


Full Co-ordination

Together with you we will co-ordinate all that is required for the big day, from assisting in planning, designing and the many other arrangements for necessary for your big day

Customized Designs

Venues and Receptions are all about the themes and designs that are unique to your style and preferences. We will work with your preferences to arrive at what you need.



For newly engaged couples to put everything together piece by piece by working out your tastes and choices you would like on the day you walk down the aisle.




Guest activities, personalization, special requests and so much more, all taken care of so that you need not worry about about anything, we have it all covered.