We caught up with Lucy Dunning from Dunning Events Goa to get her insights on the hottest wedding trends in Goa for 2016, something you should factor in before planning your wedding. Lucy produces weddings in Goa that  are all about creating a memorable experience along with expressing creativity in concept and decor. This Goan-based wedding planner is all about turning your vision for your wedding into a reality.

Here is what she had to say.

What was the main driving force to get you into the Goan wedding planning industry? If this wasn’t your dream job what would it be?

Having been associated with the hospitality industry for over 10 years prior to the wedding industry help me gain invaluable hands-on experience that I needed to venture into the event management business.

If I wasn’t  a part of the  wedding planning business I would have loved to be a pastry chef as I am a big fan of deserts and I love creativity.

What is the best part of planning a wedding for you?

For me it is the style of a Goan wedding! I love how you can explore the different aspects of style and bring about new ideas to create something new. The retro wedding style is my absolute favourite, simply because I grew up in that era and I simply love to put together elements from the early 60s and 70s.

What are the colour schemes that are trending this season?

Shades of pastels mixed together are the most sort after this year. The color schemes are a lot more toned and neutral.

What is trending at Goan weddings  today that you see transforming into a trend?

Food stations that serve snacks such as doughnuts or even soft pretzels along with sauces on the side draw plenty of attention.  You could have three stations spread across the venue or even add it to the menu card. We also had a couple set up a crêpe station for guests that plan to party into the night.

How do you recommend a Goan couple to begin the planning of their wedding day?

Starting off with the guest headcount would be the right approach as this could strain the budget and you may want to look at different venues to accommodate the crowd accordingly.


How should couples today personalise the wedding?

Guest today love personal performances so it is a good idea to entertain them with whatever you are good at, it could be playing an instrument, ballerinas dancing or even stand-up comedy.

Working with a budget is always tricky, would you recommend that couples should definitely splurge on and what should they save on?

Spend on keeping your guests comfortable at the venue, it could be even hiring nanny’s for mothers with children or even hand towels and refreshments for an outdoor ceremony. Save on money spent on alcohol, you need not provide top brands or a large variety of cocktails on the bar menu.


Are Goan couples using technology in their wedding?

The use of mobile apps have been quite popular, one in particular being Appy Couple that updates guests with location maps and itineraries. The use of hashtags to share photographs is also popular. Some even set up live streaming for elders and friends that cannot make it to the wedding.