It’s difficult to anticipate what might go wrong on the day of the wedding, it shouldn’t happen to anyone but being aware of how you can quickly fixed the problem is a huge stress reliever.

The scenario : it’s the day of the wedding and there are signs of rain showers in the next few hours, you need to get inside the chapel without messing your hair, make-up and dress. You also have to find Plan B to shoot photos now that can’t be done it outdoors.

The solution: The best way forward is to embrace the situation and improvise. Have a member of the bridal party visit the nearest store and pickup a dozen umbrellas preferably matching the wedding colours. A last-minute touchup by the hairstylist at the ceremony venue would help fix your hair. To get good wedding photos during a rainy morning would be to get a few pairs of rain boots and matching umbrella for a romantic photo shoot in the pleasant weather.

The scenario: Your little flower girls and ring bearer kids overindulge in  sugary treats and now are racing all-around the former venue

The solution: Get a few toys or a box of crayons at the place that they are to be seated and instead of sugar serve other types of food. To avoid them running around the ceremony venue hire an extra room at the hotel where they can watch movies or have some kind of entertainment like a clown or a magician.

The scenario: You know that everybody has consumed more drinks than usual and are unsure of how they would drive back

The solution: Before the wedding book buses or a cab service from the venue to the city to ensure that they all get home safely. Guest could also leave their vehicles at the wedding venue and have them picked up the next day and take the arranged transportation at the venue to get home.

The scenario: The floral decor is beginning to wilt and you are not even halfway through the wedding ceremony

The solution: Long stem floral choices for your floral decor are a better choice as these tend to not wilt quickly and easily last longer hours  when the weather is hot and humid. Going with flower types such as sunflowers, daisies, lilies or dahlias are the safest bet. The stems of these flowers tend to be woody and the petals much tougher as compared to the other floral varieties. Gardenias, tulips and similar flowers are super soft and could wilt easier.

The scenario: Terms agreed with the vendor in the contract was over the phone and those little details were negotiated after you signed a written contract. Paying the additional amount is not on the cards, how do you insure that you cover everything that isn’t in the contract signed.

The solution: Every time you have a meeting with your vendors make sure that you get all that was discussed in writing. In case you have made changes after you signed the contract, ensure that you drop them an email confirming the discussion in brief highlighting the changes that have been made. In this way you have no confusing thoughts on what was decided and what wasn’t included when the bills arrive.