It is a memorable day in your life, being confident and  keeping away from wedding guests or photographers is something you must avoid. Every bride can be confident and yes, you too can, here are a few pointers which will help bring out your confidence.


Showing your confidence

Bring your best self forward and you will radiate confidence. From your posture, to your stride and even eye contact, looking confident with your head held high and your best smile will send out positive vibes on how happy you are on the inside.


Don’t think too much what others would think

The last thing you need to worry on your special day is managing people’s expectations. It is a big moment in your life and the day is all about you and the person you love getting married. Be yourself and bring out your personality. Don’t stress too much on keeping your guests happy or pleasing family.


Keep the balance right

On the day of the wedding  take on only a few tasks and delegate most of them to people that are responsible and organised. Spend most of your time being with your hubby and your loved ones. The less you have to worry about the better as this is one day that you will remember for life so make the most of it.


Taking time-out

Balancing work with other commitments and also planning the wedding is a lot to handle. Is important that you take time during the week to switch-off from wedding planning mode and not worry about the colours of the napkins or what desserts to serve. Plan an evening out with your fiancé or even a friend and completely isolate wedding planning from it. You will feel refreshed and ready to go when you resume planning activities again.



There are plenty of people that are involved directly and indirectly in preparing for the wedding, these could be various vendors or even friends and family there are associated with some task or the other. It is quite obvious that there could be difference of opinions or even preferences while planning the wedding. It would be best that you communicate your thoughts rather than suppress them.


Eating healthy

Stick to a diet that is not just about losing the few extra pounds but making you feel confident from within to look your best. A well-planned diet will keep you in a light mood as compared to being grumpy with a diet  you have to starve all through the day.


 Satisfy your cravings

Agreed that you are on a strict diet but treating yourself once in awhile with a shopping trip at the mall or a few candy bars here and there will not have dire consequences on your dieting regime.


Keeping time to relax yourself

It could be very exhausting in planning the wedding running around all day doing stuff. Having a few hours in the day where you can just sip a cup of coffee, take a bubble bath or even read your favourite book are short breathers that you can include in your schedule so that you can free your thoughts from planning and more planning!