Every bride has a vision of where the wedding would be whether it is by the beach, at a gorgeous vineyard or even at beautiful mansion in Goa, there are plenty of costs that you need to be aware of before you put down your money and reserve the place. Don’t been a hurry to book a venue not unless you have a clear idea on what in total you may have to shell out, it’s better to know in advance before you make a commitment rather than foot unexpected bills later.

Take a vineyard as an example, they make a great location for reputable wedding but would have to account for the fact that you would need plenty of citronella candles, plenty of them if you want to keep the bugs from annoying your guests. Therefore check out a guide that we have put together to help you make informed decisions before finalising a wedding venue in Goa.

At a barn venue

Barn’s make a great backdrop for simple rustic and laid-back wedding. Although there are plenty of barn’s around ensure that they are well-kept for your guests to be comfortable during the wedding.

Washrooms:  If the venue does not have a restroom nearby you have to make alternative arrangements for portable toilets for your guests.

Managing the climate: If you plan to have a winter wedding you have to account for heaters and similarly if it is a summer wedding  you would  require fans or refreshments.

Cost of generator: Check with the venue manager  on the condition of the power supply and whether you’ll be able to accommodate all electrical appliances you plan to set up at the venue.

Pest control: You may have to hire professional cleaners and before that pest control professionals to get everything neat and tidy.

Lighting: You may require plenty of electrical points and light fixtures depending on the size of the venue for which you may have to hire an electrical contractor to set everything up.

And after wedding

The outdoors undoubtedly are a beautiful place to tie the knot, whether it is in an open space admist nature, at a vineyard or even backyards there are a few unforeseen costs that you’d have to consider budgeting before selecting it as a venue.

Tents and fixtures: Depending on the weather it would be beneficial to have makeshift tents at the venue and these to be equipped with lighting as well. Also, keep in mind that the walls on the tents would be undecorated for which you would have to additionally spend on to get done.

Local permits: You have to pay fees to the local authorities for granting permission to tying the knot in public spaces, like a park or the beach in Goa . Some authorities might even want you to get an insurance in addition to paying location fee. If you plan to erect a tent you have to apply for a permit for that too.

Dance space: An outdoor location would require to have some amount of hard flooring so that guests heels dont caught up in the sand or slip on the grass which may require an extra fee.

High-quality audio: An outdoor environment  would require much more sound than in an indoor setting, guests to be clueless on what is happening the ceremony or reception if the sound quality is low or poor.

For a destination wedding

The most expensive of them all destination weddings have plenty of costs that can arise, but is far more exciting than a local celebration. Here are some of the costs that may crop up.

Trips to the location: Travel at least twice to the location to see and finalise things like the venues, sample the caterers menu, cakes and also trial runs for the hair and make up artists. Factor in costs of stay, food, and travel for at least two trips.

Cost of transportation: For transporting props, equipment, decor and other wedding related items to the venue you would have to budget for these expenses as well.

Currency and taxes: If you are planning to travel abroad keep in mind that an increase in the exchange rate would mean that you would end up shelling out more. At the same time check with local vendors whether their prices include taxes as well.

Second reception: It would be nearly impossible to fly a large crowd to an outstation destination and having the small gathering for everyone once you get back is going to add to the cost.

For a hotel venue

Corkage fee

If you would not be purchasing alcohol from the hotel there will be spending on a corkage fee which will be an additional cost.