Most guest lists have children included in it and many couples want to put your guests at ease providing childcare at the reception and ceremony. This is a big plus for guests that come from outstation locations. Some basic childcare facilities will thus help them relax, enjoy the wedding and put them at ease. Babysitters are excellent when for those planning a destination wedding in Goa as

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind before hiring a wedding sitter. Inform the guests with children attending the wedding about the sitter in advance, so that they can come prepared to have a good time.

Begin with the interviews

Sitters that have experience with children are always the first preference as parents would want to know a bit of the background of who they are leaving their children with. This is a time-consuming process as applicants to fill out a form and run background checks before any final decisions are made. You could perhaps also ask some of the other parents attending to have a look at the applications and arrive at a shortlist.

How much will it cost?

Wedding ceremonies vary in time so it is necessary to decide in advance whether the sitter will be paid on an hourly basis or the flat fee. Some sitters also charge fixed rates depending on the number of children they will have to manage during the event. If the sitters are being paid by the hour, don’t forget to factor overtime fees that will probably need to be mentioned in the contract.

Information the sitter needs to know

While sending out your wedding invites and gathering RSVP’s make sure to get a clear picture of the headcount of guests arriving with children and the number. Accordingly, the wedding sitter can plan the amount of supplies needed and also keep an accurate headcount. Information on the ages of the children, their allergies and diet restrictions, along with any medication and contact information of the parent will also be required.

Information the parents need to know

Once a sitter is shortlisted, get them to connect with the parents over the phone at least one day before the wedding so that they can inform her on any special requisites needed for the child, such as a special toy or video, etc.

A space for childcare

Ensure that the venue has sufficient amount of space to house all the children comfortably. If  the reception is at a hotel suite can be reserved or someplace large enough for the children to play, eat and sleep.

Planning childcare at the wedding is a difficult task and a time-consuming one. Give yourself at least three months before the wedding to plan childcare facilities. Keep in mind that providing childcare is completely optional and is more of a thoughtful gesture at making your guests comfortable and at ease.