We spoke to experienced people from the wedding planning industry in Goa associated with producing weddings for over 8 to 10 years and we got them to share some tips and advice on how brides can avoid blunders and manage the planning process much more efficiently.

Setting out and making plans before the budget

While planning a wedding in Goa, a few things like choosing or pre-booking a venue that you always wanted will surely be on the top of your list of things to do.

Without having allocated a budget for each of your purchases before making them would lead to overspending  compromising on other parts of the wedding. Caroline Delly from Razzmatazz events says, “The top three things on most brides to be wedding planning list are the dress, the venue and the guest list.” These could have significant influence on your budget spending as not having a plan  could lead to overspending  and would later have to compromise on things like the honeymoon or other important aspects. “Being prepared right from the start would give you an organised approach to spending. A well laid out budget should also include overtime charges, transportation services and tips,” says Stacy Allen from Think Events, Candolim Goa. “The more detailed the budget, the less you will fritter money away at things you may not really want,” says Caroline.

Having a Plan B in case it rains

“No bride would want it to rain on the day of the wedding. In the hope that it won’t, many also avoid planning for alternatives just in case it does,” says Linda Clarkson of Linda Clarkson Events. Although it’s an additional expense to make a deposit on tents, umbrellas or even basic rainwear which may not put to use on the day of the wedding, it would be better to lose the 50% deposit on them rather than not have a provision in case it rains. Speak with the tent renting companies as early as you can and put down a minimum reservation fee rather having to constantly worry about what will happen if it pours.

The real cost of an outdoor wedding

“If you are one of those brides planning an outdoor wedding in Goa , keep in mind that there is more to it than just putting up a few tents in the open,” says Cindy Ellen of Cindy Ellen Events, adding, “There is the cost of logistics, transportation, portable bathrooms, makeshift kitchens, electrical supply, generators and also fans and heaters.”

The duration of the party

Most industry insiders tell us that on an average, a wedding celebration in Goa usually lasts between 4 to 5 hours and rightly so. It is a special day and while it shouldn’t feel like an overly-extended celebration for your guests in attendance, it shouldn’t end in the blink of an eye either. Having your guests leave happy, having enjoyed the occasion is more important than a lengthy celebration. A comfortable beginning and a natural end is the best way to start and finish.

Venues lacking the space

Be practical on choosing the venue depending on the size of your guest list. Although booking a venue is high-up on the list of things to do, a proper guest list from yourself, your fiancé and your families would give you a better understanding of the crowd expected. You wouldn’t want a cramped up venue making it difficult for people to dance and for meals to be served. Do check with the host of the venue of the number of people the venue can comfortably hold.

Timing is everything

Scheduling the ceremony to get the best out of it requires plenty of planning and timing. Exchanging vows just before sunset would give your photographers the best moments to capture your photos. At the same time, if you spend plenty of time and money in arranging the lighting, ensure that you do not start the ceremony too early.

Providing your guests with very little information

Proper directions to arrive at the venue and the style of the wedding is crucial so that guests know what to expect at the wedding and how to get there with minimum confusion. Offering suggestions on directions or even briefing them with a short itinerary of the proceedings would certainly help them arrive not too early or not too late.

Micro-managing the details

There are plenty of tasks that need to be looked into on the day of the wedding and it is a common mistake for the bridal couple to take it upon themselves to manage and execute all of these things themself. Delegating tasks among your bridal party and family members would certainly take the pressure off you. If you wish to delegate ensure that you have a list of things to do that you can circulate to the right people.