Planning a wedding in Goa can be very stressful at times mainly because there is so much to do. We have put together some of the most common situations that brides stress upon and how you can work your way out of it.

You are yet to come up with a strong game plan

Our recommended alternative: At the outset of getting everything organised  first discuss it with your close friends or members of your family. The idea is to first create a vision of what your ideal wedding day would look like and plan backwards from there. The type of setting you want to have, the season in which you plan to get married, how formal you would want the event to be, what budgets you are looking to set etc. Gathering a list of vendors that have been recommended fby friends and relatives is always a great way to start planning to give you head-start. Set time aside each day to look into each tasks and take it one day at a time.

You can’t decide on selecting your wedding party

Our recommended alternative: It is always a good choice to first pick family from the list of people you have shortlisted. Include friends in the list as well, but only after you include your sisters or your fiancé’s sisters. If you are not close to them you could first begin with your friends and then decide later. If you plan on including your friends, ensure that these are people that you have been communicating with regularly and have spent time with them in the recent past as there is the possibility of friendships fading as well. Extra help is always needed on the day of the wedding and also organizing it, so choose bridesmaids that would be willing to help with the tasks assigned to them.

You are overshooting your budget

Our recommended alternative: Overshooting a budget is something that happens quite often when brides begin their spending. It is a big day in your life and you will tend to overspend and pamper yourself. Getting research done before visiting a vendor or making a purchase will help in staying  close to the planned budget. Create a short priority list of a few items that you are willing to spend and not compromise on and the ones you are willing to make adjustments for as well. There are plenty of vendors across Goa that are willing to negotiate their fees provided that  the components in the package being booked is trimmed down, something which you need to discuss when meeting with them.

Difficulties in staying organised

Our recommended alternative: If you find the frustration increasing in tackling issues like the timelines, budgets and also the pace at which you should plan, it is most recommended that you hire a wedding planner that is based in Goa. This works well when you do not have plenty of help available to guide you to decide and organise. Wedding planners will take on the duties from planning the wedding to hiring the vendors to looking into all tasks that need to be taken care of on the actual wedding day. Before hiring a planner ensure that you are comfortable with the personality of the person as you will be spending plenty of time together for quite a few months. Get a few recommendations on the work that the planner has executed in the past as previous work would give you a better idea of the planners creativity and experience.

You are looking for perfection

Our recommended alternative: Keep in mind that nothing is perfect as there is always room for improvement. Instead of stressing for perfection, have a Plan B in place just in case certain choices you make don’t work out with vendors and suppliers. If you are delegating task, be prepared to let go rather than expect too much of people that have offered to help.