It always has to be a white dress

If the traditional white gown is something that never appealed to you don’t forced to  wear it on the big day. There are plenty of styles that you can explore such as replacing the veil with feathered head clips or a crown of fresh florals. Colours such as baby pinks, ocean blues and even floral prints are some of the most sought-after colours, all dependent on what your personality is like. You could also combine the traditional whites with splashes of contrasting colours minimalistically embedded into the layers of the dress.


A talented friend could outdo hiring a professional

It’s always a fun element to add friends to be a part of the wedding, some of them could be dedicated in what they do, however the professional does his job for a living and hence you can expect better results when hiring one. Hiring a photographer over a friend covering the event can be quite tricky as there are moments that the photographer has to be in the right place at the right time and could miss out on capturing a memory forever. The same goes for the floral decor and even the entertainment. Professional floral designers are aware of plenty of details than some that isn’t from the business, such as, several types of flowers that wilt faster than the others which a friend may not be aware of. Music that is played for a wedding is different as compared to other events, such as selecting a playlist of songs appropriate to suit the occasion.


Reciprocating an invite because you were invited

The big day is all about you and celebrating it with people that mean most to you. Do not feel pressurised to invite someone just because you attended their wedding. You could always inform them at a later date that you had to limit the guest list due to constraints of budget and space.


A wedding planner is an expense you can’t afford

Having a professional organise and help you in the right direction keeping in mind the latest trends and also correcting you with what may not work can end up saving you plenty of money and also time. Remember that wedding planners have been working with vendors from the industry and have access to plenty of discounts due to the volume they work with, with these vendors. You also have the option of hiring a wedding planner on the day of the wedding if you can’t afford planner for the entire event.


DIY’s isn’t always huge money saver.

Getting things done by yourself will undoubtedly save you money but there are several things that you have to keep in mind before venturing out in that direction. Take stationary for instance, a single invite manually done and the time it would take to do hundreds may not be worth your while. Similarly things like a floral arrangement would require that you would have to personally get to the venue and reception on the day of the wedding to ensure that you get everything decorated and ready to go. Considering that there are plenty of other things to be done on the day it may be something you should avoid.


Balancing the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen

The bridal party usually comprises of people that are close to the bride and groom. If at all he has more girlfriends you need not feel obligated to even out the sides with replacements. Instead you could allocate two different tasks such as ushers, readers or even have a honorary toast giver.