Cost Overview for a Destination Event

Goa ranks as one of the most popular destination wedding venues in India, especially for couples planning a beach celebration on the white sandy shores of the state. If you are considering getting married here and are concerned about the cost, fret not, because there is a wide range of hotels, suppliers, event planners and entertainers to match every budget and style.

Most couples decide to have festivities such as the Mehndi followed by the Sangeet on the first day followed by the ceremony and reception on the second. The marital season begins from October-November and continues till April-May. Costs vary significantly for a beach ceremony  in comparison to venues in the hinterland.

The first step is to zero-in on the accommodation. If you are considering paying for hotel bookings for your family and guests as well, ensure that you allocate at least 50% of your total budget. We broadly categorise hotel properties in three tiers depending on the cost per room per night, amenities, location and food.

The first tier consists of resorts that are luxury deluxe properties such as the Leela, Intercontinental, Taj Exotica and similar properties. In the second tier are properties such as the Marriot and the Hyatt, also five-stars and also just as luxurious. Then we have the Alila Diwa, the Radisson Blu and Cidade-De-Goa. Rest assured, these too are also all five-starred properties by the beach.

A majority of these hotels have an inventory of 150 rooms or so. Of this, most would have 50-60 room inventory available at any given time. In case of a larger crowd, adjacent properties can also be booked and clubbed together. Costs vary from Rs. 13,000- Rs.15,000 onwards plus taxes for deluxe resorts (negotiable) depending on the time of the year.

You can opt for an all-meal package as well as a standard quote that would include just breakfast and airport transfers. For five starred resorts,  room tariffs average between Rs 7000- Rs 9000 onwards and for a four starred resort, rates range between Rs. 5000- Rs. 7000 plus taxes. Other options hotel provide are basic accommodations of just under Rs. 3500 per person per night.

All of the above are non-peak season rates aimed at providing but a rough estimate.

The venue is the second largest component that needs to be considered. If you are booking hotel accommodations at a starred resort, the resort itself will provide you with a number of indoor and outdoor venues to choose from including banquet halls and lawns spread across the property. Many also prefer to have a celebration by the  beach. This works best when the hotel is along the coastal belt.

Hotels also have plenty of meal options – from Continental, Mediterranean, Indian and Goan depending on your likes and budgets. They also have a buffet system that ranges anywhere between Rs. 750 to Rs. 2500 per head. If you are accommodating your guests at the same hotel, there is a good chance that you may not have to incur an additional cost for the venue saving you close to Rs. 1,00,000 to 2,00,000 per event.

Next comes the decor – Mandap, floral arrangments, welcome entrances, main stage along with a backdrop, illumination lighting and ambience lighting. In addition to the primary decor, items such as  props, table decor, linens are to be included as well. All of this is again dependent on your likes and preferences and the budget will vary accordingly. Typical costs range between Rs. 4, 50,000 to Rs. 6,50,000 for the day of the nuptials and around Rs. 3,50,000 for the pre/post-nuptial events.

For the entertainment, choose from a wide variety of musicians and DJs, live bands, classical singers, African Acrobats or even Russian belly dancers. The cost ranges from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 5,00,000. There is abundant talent available here in the state and we can assure you that we will not fall short of finding entertainers in different price ranges.

Beach celebrations also require additional licences like PPL and IPRS, all of which we can assist you with. These licences require at least 3-5 weeks to procure from the relevant departments.

For photography and video, a budget of at least Rs.50,000 as a minimum which can go upto Rs. 5,00,000 should be set aside. There are several other items such as the beauticians and hairdressers, horse for the ‘Bharaat’ and so on that our team can help you with. You can completely customise your big day by adding plenty of special touches and paying finer attention to detail for various communities, keeping in mind traditions and cultures. Get in touch with us today!