Lighting has a huge impact on the appearance of any venue. You have the option of exploring several combinations that will bring your vision to life. Critical to floral decor, photography, and props, lighting needs to be incorporated subtly across the venue to bring out the highlights and make a visual impact. Our lighting solutions strike the right balance in the lighting being just right. Lighting is venue specific and therefore we wouldn’t be able to provide you with any preset lighting list at the get go, however, we do inspect the venue to ensure that it has the adequate amount of lighting required for your big day. We have several lighting options that you can incorporate to transform the look and feel of the venue


Uplighting is one of the most popular ambient lighting used at weddings that change the atmosphere of the venue when used right. Uplights are used to mainly around the perimeter of the room or venue and are placed on the ground pushing the light upwards. Additionally, they are also used to bring out highlights of props and floral arrangements. Uplights are available in multiple colors to match your theme or add contrast wherever required at the venue. These also can be used outdoors to highlight gazebos, tents, and canopies. Uplighting options are also available in  LED or incandescent cans/fixtures.

Custom Gobo’s

Custom Gobos are getting very popular these days, it enhances the event and adds a personal touch to it.  These are used at the entrance or at open spaces at the venue. Light is used to project an image, words or sometimes even creative art which is projected to a solid surface. We can assist you in creating a customized design for your gobo as well.

Ceiling Wash

This type of lighting works well for large ballrooms with heightened ceilings with the use of LED’s. This type of lighting involves projecting a wide beam of light towards the ceiling. The effects can be controlled with various types of colors or dimmers.

Lighting for dance floors

Dance floor lighting is a great way to get your guests in party mood at the reception party. This type of lighting has the option of adding colors and textures and also operate on automated movements. Automated lights can cover the entire area of the dance floor and work great in setting the mood for the event.

Under-table lighting

These make wonderful visual highlights and add vibrancy and color that will ‘wow’ your guests. This lighting fixture is a unwired LED that is used to achieve this effect. The depth of colors can also be controlled to project your theme type.

Feature lighting for the buffets & bar

A well-lit buffet area draws a lot of attention as it highlights food stations and decor on the tables or different counters. A well lit up venue is undone without  lighting for  the food stations and bar areas.

Pinspot Centerpieces

Highlighting centerpieces , decorative pieces or floral arrangements  can be enhanced with the use drop ceiling lights or down cans installed in the ceiling.