Government Permissions

Documentation for beach celebration on the beautiful Goa shores is mandatory in the state. Many prefer to have their big day outdoors and this requires the wedding party to arrange their own licenses.

In case the reception is being hosted in a banquet hall or within the premises of a hotel/resort, the management will take care of these licenses for you. For any outdoor or public place, however, government permissions are a must so that any disruptions or hindrances can be avoided on the big day. Unfortunately, these licenses are not available at a single counter and several visists must be made to several different government departments for the issuance of a particular license. Hence, we will need to be intimated at least 40 to 60 days in advance for us to arrange a licenses.

So what exactly is the documentation that is mandatory? A PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) and IPRS (Indian Performing Rights Society Limited) license that allows you to publicly play recorded music. Both these bodies are independent of each other and separate licenses are issued for playing music and collecting royalties. For a beach marriage, permission from the local Tourist Department  is a must.

Additional permissions depending on the venue are as follows:
• License to operate loudspeakers from the local police station
• License for use of premises
• License for the use of performers
• No Objection Certificate issued by the Department of Traffic
• Electrical clearance NOC issued by an electrical inspector
• Health clearance NOC issued by the Department of Health

We provide complete assistance in the procurement of these licenses and make all the arrangements necessary for the event/ party. We coordinate with multiple local authorities to swiftly complete the process so that everything goes off without a hitch. Additional legal paperwork for the Civil Registrars Office in case a foreigner is tying the knot here may sometimes be required.