For most Goan men that are planning on writing your vows without diving into clichés can be a daunting task. It is undoubtedly the perfect way of expressing to your bride how you feel about her on the big day. Easier said than done, it takes a lot of creativity and thought if you want to put your own story in a way that surprises your guests not to forget that your vows are going to be a moment that would be long remembered. We have put together a few writing tips that will help you nail your wedding vows.


  1. Get your fiancé involved in structuring it

Before you start putting pen to paper, speak to your fiancé on the direction you wish to take and get her opinion on it. Being on the same page would mean that the both you share the same headspace and you can pursue the approach you are both comfortable with. Also make note and check with the church and the pastor whether it is comfortable with the religion.


  1. Exchange briefs

Once the direction is clear you can begin penning-down notes on what you feel the vows must have been in it. Share these notes with your fiance so that the two of you can decide on the length and tone the two of you are comfortable with. Discuss whether you are looking to have a funny element, a romantic one,would keeping it casual or over the top; the more clarity you have the better as you wouldnt want to say something on the day of the wedding that would upset your fiancé.


  1. Jog down memory lane

At this point you will have a much better idea of how you want to approach putting the vows together. It is a common practice to begin the vows describing how the two of you met or the early stages of your relationship and mention of the present day relationship as well including a line or two the future with her. Without being overly clichéd note the most important moments you have shared together and also highlight how the two of decided that it was time to spend the rest of your life together. Also include any experiences a few funny and light moments in between as well.


  1. Speaking about the future

To conclude the vows, mention a few lines of how you see your future together as marriage is all about committing to a life of togetherness. Lastly, include how happy you are on the day of the wedding and how  excited you are to begin this new journey with her.


  1. Keep practising

Now that you have finished writing it’s time to focus on delivering it right. It is always a good idea to read it out loud to a few friends just to ensure that the vows have a natural flow to it and people understand what you are trying to communicate. Gather feedback from your friends, ask them what is working and what needs to be improved upon. Keep the overall length to under two minutes and also try practicing it out a lot in front of the mirror as you will be able to memorise quicker. Avoid anylast-minute changes and edits. If you are not comfortable with delivering lines outside the speech that don’t do so on the day of the wedding.