A few mistakes that you can be avoided while using technology and planning a wedding not being disappointed relying too much on it. Although it is a boon in using technology stay away from tech related mistakes while you plan your wedding.


Going overboard with Pinterest while planning

Pinterest is a great platform for brides and one can easily get carried away with so much of creativity and beauty. Remember that not all what you see in pictures can be easily replicated or could suit your theme idea. Pinterest works better as a reference point in collecting ideas that you could share with your vendors.


Leaving your wedding dress photo on the phone

You wouldnt want your fiance to stumble upon the dress that you have picked before the wedding and ruin the big surprise. Get your best friend to shoot photos on her phone instead of yours to refer any point of time.


Counting on your friends  for photographs instead of your photographer

For such an important day of your life it is best that your friends and family  shoot photos as backup photographers to a hired professional. While planning the budget ensure that you allocate enough to accommodate for a wedding photographer and not rely on apps or friends to do the job. You do not want to stand a chance of fuzzy photographs or over exposed ones, let  professionals  do the job for you.


Buying your dress online

There are plenty of discounts and offers available online, and it is very tempting to make a purchase at prices that sound too good to be true. It is best to actually visit the store and try on the fits and cuts that suit your body type rather than only focus on the price of it. The dress gathers a lot of attention and will be captured in photographs as well and you wouldn’t want to be wearing one that does not highlight your best features.

Posting out digital invites

Digital invites take away the charm of the traditional wedding invite that one would receive in their post-box. Having an invite reach your home has been always associated with weddings, and although technology has advanced this is one part that says best the traditional way.

Venting about wedding stresses on social platforms

In the spur of the moment you may take to social media to blow off some steam, but consider that your complaints might be a butt of jokes and may go viral in the public space. It is best that you meet with your close friends in communicate with them rather than regretting sharing your problems with the whole world.