Your Big Day By Goa’s Beautiful Beaches and Locations

If you are due to get married and are looking to have your wedding at India’s most popular beach destination,  our team can help you organize, coordinate  and manage your entire function and reception for you locally. There are fabulous venues all around and we can customize these venues to meet your styles, needs and preferences.

We are a  team of experienced event managers, in the business since 2008, we began by putting together customized bridal accessories, over the years growing to organize larger events and ceremonies.

We cater to all types of types of events, whether it is a traditional ceremony coupled with religious customs and rituals or a modern theme party by the beach. With years of experience under our belt, we are fully equipped to handle all types of demands, theme ideas and concepts, from an average size guest list or a large one.

What’s more is that we can customize most aspects from the smallest of details  such as invites to  handling your decor, lighting, logistics, and transportation.

How we go about organizing the event for you ?
The process begins by interacting with you to know where what your preferences are. We then coordinate and present many options available to you based on your likes and styles.

We will then schedule meetings to discuss the event at your own pace and convenience. We believe this stage  broadly defines all the preparation that is to come over the next few months. Hence we put in plenty of time and effort in accounting for these vital details including the religious customs and traditions.

By this time, we begin to formulate an idea about your styles and preferences and this helps us determine the themes we can put together, the layouts of the venues along with design options and a preliminary itinerary and timelines for the event, along with coordinating with the various venues  for accommodation, guest transfers and arrivals.

We then discuss the budgets allocated for various vendors –  decor, lighting, floral among others. There are several beach venues or even a choice of starred hotels. Depending on the number of guests and your budgets, we can then suggest locations that would be suited to you.

The theme decor begins taking shape on paper as well as we put together the ceremonial and reception timelines. We would also get around to managing logistics and travel arrangements of guests arriving from different locations, arrival times, dates, etc.

As things start taking shape, we put together the invites and begin finalizing the décor and the theme. The various vendor lists also come together at this stage. We are well placed to negotiate with all types of vendors from accommodations to catering , to decor and entertainment. We continuously interact with you finalizing  various vendors with pictures, samples and costs striving at all times to stay within the budget while giving you the best of what there is to offer.

During this course,  the various menus for food and beverages are also looked into. This includes meal plans for the guests as well as the gala dinner at the wedding reception. We look to settle on all major vendors such as the floral décor, the lights, photographer and entertainment during this period.

Then we get to the finer aspects such as place cards, seating arrangements, food, beverages, among others. Rest assured, we are known for customizing every small detail continuously putting across ideas and concepts for your approval.

As we approach the last few weeks to D-day, we also assist with onsite co-ordination for rehearsals of the ceremony and the reception. By now, you will see all the elements come together as the entire event starts taking shape.

We believe organizing and executing an event is a skill that we have nurtured over the years and our experience would mean that you could be at ease. Our motto has always been to have you enjoy putting together the biggest day of your life while we do the heavy lifting for you! Get going with the  preparations with us! We would love to interact with you to discuss your ideas or even help you out if you need a few.

To get going on a free consultation with no commitments whatsoever, reach us over the phone or drop us an e-mail and we will contact you at the earliest!!