We caught up with Stacy Allen who recently planned destination wedding in Goa, India, that had a beautiful beach ceremony and reception at a beachside restaurant. Stacy, specialises in destination weddings across Asia and Europe. Here are her thoughts on going about planning a beach wedding.

How difficult or easy is it for a couple planning for a destination wedding?

Planning a destination wedding has its own pros and cons, if the couple has visited the location at some point in the past it is much easier for the two of them to picture the setting. Coordinating with vendors is a most difficult part and the most time-consuming one.

What was a setting for the wedding you recently planned in Goa?

Goa is a beautiful location for a beach wedding; this wedding was a sunset wedding, which had the sounds of the ocean in the background, clear blue skies and the setting evening sun. We laid out comfortable seating arrangements on the golden sand with floral decor and drapes all across.

How does the couple choose the venues for the ceremony and reception?

We recommend starred hotel chains for clients, as these are easier to coordinate with and setup. Based on the preferences of the couple we making the necessary arrangements and reserve the accommodation. Starred hotels have wide open  lawn spaces and indoor banquet halls that the couple can view pictures of and decide upon.

What about travel and accommodation options?

We work with local travel agents that are available internationally  as well as locally making it convenient for reservations and flight plans.


How do you go about choosing vendors? Is negotiating difficult?

We have a small team of local wedding planners present at locations that are experienced and well-qualified in managing a destination wedding that we work with to short listing vendors and managing them. Negotiations are also channelized through local vendors as well.


What destinations a popular? And how many months in advance you required to plan an outstation wedding?

Places such as Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Goa and the Maldives are very popular destinations in Asia. Europe has a few favourites as well such as Paris and Spain. We would require at least 4 to 6 months to plan and outstation wedding depending on the number of guests.


What does one have to plan for having a wedding on the beach?

The climatic conditions for the day are the first thing one should consider. If the weather is hot and humid providing your guests with easy access to refreshments or hand towels is recommended. If it is a windy evening informing guests in advance so that they accordingly wear warm clothing is necessary to keep your guests comfortable.


Any tips the bride?

Hair  and make-up can be quite tricky for a wedding on the beach due to the warm humid weather as make up can run-off  easily or your hair could be blown with the breeze, so is necessary that you inform your hair and make-up stylists in advance so that they can plan accordingly.