Must plan essentials before your tie the knot on the beach

Celebrating your big day on Goan beaches  is an exciting experience for a couples tying the knot as a beach celebration is a refreshing step away from the traditional setting. The setting itself relaxes everyone, a venue that is less formal than any other making it a mini-vacation for everyone that is a part of it. The beach however does bring its own challenges as a venue, take a look at these critical pointers before you set out to plan your nautical nuptial.

Timing the ceremony right

Depending on time of the year daylight accordingly varies, during the month of summer daylight stretches upto 7.00-7.30 pm in comparison to the winters where the sun sets earlier, it gets dark as early as 6.30pm.  If you set out to the venue towards the early evening, account for the heat; the warm sand, as well as the climate can get pretty hot. Wearing strong sunscreen lotion and making provisions for cool refreshments for everyone present is recommended.

All vital photography

The evening sun makes the most beautiful photography, with a little bit of planning and the right coordination with your photographer you can capture more than a handful photographs. There is very limited time here as once the sun begins dropping below the horizon, the water tends to appear darker.  It is best to designate someone from the bridal party to coordinate with the photographer if you are also  for group photography.

Florals at the shore

It is a beautiful mix to combine fresh bright floral arrangements in the decor of a beach setting. Flowers wilt quickly in the warmer environments, therefore discuss with your florist the type of flowers and decor arrangements that can hold up in the heat. Generally, hydrangeas and roses don’t hold-up  in warmer temperatures, however, you can consider calla lilies, orchids or even succulents.

Permits and licenses

The local authorities requires a temporary license to be acquired that is mandatory for the use of public spaces. Besides this license, a PPL and IPRS licenses are to be procured for the use of recorded and live music to be played. These licenses required anywhere between 45-60 days to process.

Prepare your guests

Inform your guests that they would be in the sand during the celebration, this would give them a heads-up to decide on what to wear, sunscreen, heals etc. If you have planned a website for the occasion  provide information on things like the weather, footwear, clothing etc.

Ensuring privacy

Plenty of beaches across are buzzing with tourists, if you are looking to avoid the crowds we strongly recommend the beaches on the southern as they are less crowded and have a wider coastline. Keep in mind that the beaches get crowded during public holidays and weekends, a weekday date  is recommended.

Provide Shade

We would recommend having 4-6 gazebos set-up or even a canopy with seating arrangements such as wooden benches or metal chairs as they are sturdy to withstand the ocean breeze.  A covered area with comfortable seating and a few refreshments will help guests relax.

Account for the wind

For props or floral decor at the location, we would recommend sufficient weight to tie these down or even lace them with ribbons wherever possible.  While pronouncing your vows, you may need to speak out for everyone to hear incase you do not plan to set-up microphones at the venue.