Generally an engagement calls for weddings bells to be ringing soon. For brides that are looking to set the date within a few months there is plenty to do. In Goa availability of venues is always in demand, some venues  being booked for even upto 2 years. Therefore choosing a venue that you like does get a bit tricky especially when it comes to picking the dates of the wedding. So, before you make the big announcement it is recommended that you first decide on the availability of the venues prior to announcing the dates. Families may have relatives working abroad or at other parts of the country  who you may want to attend the occasion and thus could affect the dates as well.

Entertainment in Goa is another aspect that is always is demand and before you go out and try out your favourite wedding gown booking the band is a priority. Bands charge anywhere between Rs. 65,000 to Rs. 1,50000 for a 4-5 hour long performance. Booking a photographer is next as an item of priority. There are a number of talented wedding photographers available that charge anywhere from Rs. 35000 to Rs. 1,50,000. For bookings prior to 4-6 months of the big day most vendors will only bill for a booking amount which is roughly in the range of 10-15% of the total cost. These vendors are top priority and must be booked at the earliest.

Budgeting for the occasion is most vital aspect of them all. There are so many vendors to consider that it is advised that you consult a wedding planning professional especially for brides that don’t reside locally.  These professionals will help better guide you with items such as decor florals, lighting, venue selection and some much more. If you are looking to take away the stress of planning the wedding and enjoying the experience a professional would be the right decision.

Putting  together the bridal party is also on the list of things to do. If you have hired a wedding planner you can spend a lot more time on the fun stuff and picking the bridal entourage is one of them.  Selecting your wedding gown tops this list of fun activities something which undoubtedly you will enjoy. Booking the hair and make-up artist is yet another task. Ensure that your take on a trial session with the artist and don’t rely only on reference images.

If you are one of those brides that hire a wedding planning to do the bulk of the lifting, it makes space and time to enjoy the fun activities of planning a wedding. So if you are engaged and looking to enjoy planning your big day it is highly recommended that you hire one and avoid the stress of putting together such a memorable celebration.