Take the Plunge ! Leaving the Wedding Photography To Us

We at WW-Events understand the importance of capturing  moments of laughter, happiness and the odd tear of the biggest day of your life that would mean so much to you as the years go by. We work with  a pool of skilled and talented photographers to get the job  done ensuring you can choose only from the best! We have on-board some of the finest  photographers to capture every memorable moment.

Choosing the right photographer is essential in capturing the every memorable moment and capturing it right. It’s all about you on the big day and creating art from it is what we strive for. Captivating images that are artistically elegant with the right skill and detail to remember the day you became husband and wife just like it was yesterday is our primary goal.  We will focus on the biggest moments to the sights and sounds of your friends and family making special memories captured just right.

If you are based out of state, we will coordinate on your behalf with the photographer for the dates, contracts and even artistic style references you look to have.  The pool of photographers that we work with are carefully chosen based on their previous photo-shoots and the type of equipment they work with. We will work closely with you during the planning phase to shortlist the photographer of your choice with references, portfolios and pricing associated with each vendor. Bookings need to be done at least three months in advance to ensure that you have the photographer of your choice.

Our goal to capture your your big day from your perspective and that of your loved ones. The laughter, the joys, the tears and all the fun  moments which are priceless that would never come again. Our team of experienced photographers deliver images that tell a story, a story of your own.