We spoke to an insurance agent to give us all the information that you might need to protect your wedding. Protecting your wedding is something you must know about irrespective of whether you decide to go with it or not.

Sean Wiggles, an Allstate agent from San Antonio Texas tied the knot a couple of years ago and shares his perspective on why a couple should think beyond just the venues and dresses.

“Insuring a wedding ring is the first step you should consider. I proposed to my then girlfriend and now wife and she had her sights set on a ring that was designed at a local jeweller store. Got it insured the very next day for loss, theft, and damage which is usually a standard insurance policy. If the two of you own a home owners policy it is also very easy to add the ring to it or even create a new one. I got this done as a friend was holding a ring for his girlfriend in his car which was unfortunately stolen, he neither had the coverage nor does the auto insurance cover it. Learning from which I immediately decided to insure mine.”

“Something you might not be aware of is that you can combine insurances taken as a homeowner, renters or even on auto policies once you are married and more than often companies also provide you discounts if you bundle them together.” Sean says that he had a discounted premium on his renters policy when he combined it with his spouse and also saved a little extra by combining the car policies as well. “Getting a life insurance policy for unforeseen circumstances is also a great idea” says Sean.

There also are options of insuring the entire event and cover you from liabilities such as a vendor dropping out or even if the venue that you booked shuts down its business. Getting insurance to cover your event would help to recover money that you paid as a deposit if at all there is any cancellation. Most of insurance covers also give insurers the option to cover for medical emergency or damage protection as well. Before booking the venue check with the vendor whether the venue has event liability insurance. There are plenty of reputable companies that provide event insurance and is a inexpensive means of giving you peace of mind.

Couples today also have the option to ensure their valuable wedding gifts. Most valuables can be insured however items such as gold and silver with plenty of artwork might require an additional cover. Although most items are covered under the homeowners or renters policy, certain items may require a separate cover. An experience insurance agent would able to guide you on what your policy limits are.