Emily D’souza  is the owner of Emily D’Souza Events a professional wedding planner based in Goa specializing in destination weddings across Asia. She shares her thoughts with us on how a planner can help better organize or produce your big day.

Undoubtedly planning a wedding is a lot of work that involves plenty of time, patience and efforts. It takes hours and weeks to plan, considering that it is one the most joyful days of your life thus the attention to detail is plenty, so is staying on top of it. This is one of the most potent reasons why brides today turn to professional services to produce the entire celebration on their behalf. It is both a fulfilling and an exciting process in doing so and if you are one of those brides that wants to enjoy every moment of it, hiring a wedding planner can be the best decision you make.

Newly engaged couples know very little of what it takes to plan an entire wedding, a wedding planner on the other hand is a professional that has passed the learning curve and is better at every challenge associated with planning such an event. There is plenty to do from finding the right venues, to the style of the wedding and so much more; a  wedding planner  does this for a living doing what you have to for the first time several times in her profession. The expertise that wedding planners bring to the table is one of the major reasons brides hire them. Staying on track with a wedding plan is one the biggest challenges bride’s face, as there is so much to do and at some stage it does get a bit overwhelming.

Wedding planners based in Goa are well-connected in the industry and often times their connections will help you get things done faster and also at better prices otherwise not offered by vendors. Although wedding planners charge for their services, a good planner will help you save a lot of time, money and direct your efforts to be more productive and realistic.

They help you speed up the decision-making process as there in a better position to offer you professional advice based on their experience in the industry. Planning a wedding off a bridal magazine and the internet is completely different than in a real-life setting. There are always plenty of options and in case you are not able make up your mind you always have the guidance of professional by your side.

Wedding planners are great at coordination in maintaining schedules that will make you worry less about skipping important details until the last moment. On a day of the wedding, a wedding planner is completely in charge of the entire event and would be the first point of contact at the reception and ceremony, this would mean that you can be at ease and enjoy every moment of it and not worry about micromanaging tasks and people. For brides that have a tight budget or would prefer to spend on other aspects of the big day you can also hire a planner only for the day of the wedding. You also opt for a consultation with the planner that will not affect your budget in hiring one.