Undoubtedly traditions are classy, but many-a-time sticking to the same traditions just because you have to may not be the right fit for everyone on their big day. Adding your own little twist to things and making them unique to your special day will certainly help make your day different from the rest.


Wearing the white dress

This day is all about you, the focus being on you, you would want to look and feel beautiful with what you wear. If the traditional white gown isn’t your preference you could switch over to something the complete opposite. The thumb rule being if it makes you feel good, go with it.


Mismatching the bridesmaids dresses

Mixing and matching your bridesmaids dresses with color palettes varying according to the difference in their personalities or something similar is a nice touch to add to the bridal party. Mismatched styled wear has being trending lately and also makes great photographs.


The gift list

Traditionally,  home ware and chinaware are the typical gifts on the gift registry mainly due to  the couple moving     together in a new home which is rarely seen today as most couples live together before tying the knot. Instead of the traditional gifts you could request guests to contribute towards your honeymoon or even request small donations towards something special.

Creative wedding bouquets

The shelf-life of fresh flowers is very limited and if you are one of those brides that are looking to hold onto memories of your wedding day, a bouquet of artificial flowers , brooches or even buttons can be thought of, there are so many creative angles that you can explore.


The bridal party

You could also opt for mismatch in the bridal party and have everybody together as a group. It is always a hard choice having only a few chosen among close friends and family and others being left out.  Instead, have a bridal party that is bunch of people together rather than pairing folks with one another.


Setting off for your honeymoon

Setting another date for the honeymoon will give you a breather from all the running around that you have doing  over the last few months and just relax before you jet-set away. Leaving for your honeymoon at a later date will be something that you look forward to and would also give your bank account time to replenish after all the major expenses of the wedding.


Not planning for the wedding favours

A huge guest list would mean ordering plenty of favours that can be expensive. Usually, they would be left behind on the table and forgotten soon after,  such an expense can be avoided and instead could be alternated with things that could make guests feel more comfortable at the venue.  Spending on items such as tiny water bottles, fresh wipes at an outdoor location or umbrellas at the venue in case of a rain or scrounging sun instead is always preferred.


Not planning for a wedding cake

The traditional wedding cake is typically a three tiered fruitcake which is a very common sight at most weddings. You could create something that is a bit different than the usual by serving up different colored cupcakes or even some of your favorite deserts.