The groom has his own role to play in planning out his big day, there are plenty of responsibilities that your bride-to-be is burdened with and getting involved in actively preparing for the wedding is a helping hand that is always welcomed. We have put together a guide that will give you a better idea on the role of being a groom.


Working together with your fiancé in planning  the initial stages involves three primarily important things to do; the guest list, the ceremony and reception venues and  short listing different vendors. Any help that you could give your fiancé manage this items will reduce her burden in putting everything together and will also speed things up.


Voicing your preferences

There is so much to organize before the big day arrives, it is your big day too, you could take charge of a few things that interest you. Organising the food menu and tasting with the caterers or even the music playlist that you would want the band or DJ  to play, or perhaps even the props of the venue are things that you can take charge of.


Shopping for your gifts

Common etiquette suggests that the groom buy the best man a gift so the responsibility of picking one is yours.  Often grooms also surprise thier brides with a gift to open on the next morning of the wedding.


Choosing the right outfits

Discuss with your fiancé well in advance on the outfit that you are looking to purchase so that you stay aligned with the colour scheme chosen by her for the theme of the wedding. You wouldn’t  want your tie  or accessories to be mismatched with the scheme, or if it is a semiformal wedding you wouldn’t  want your outfit being in a  completely different direction in comparison to her’s.


Putting together your wedding registry

Make the most out of carefully putting together the gift registry with your fiancé, these everyday items would be of need at your house, given the fact that someone else would be buying it for you makes it even more motivating to do so.


Give your fiance time-off preparing from the wedding

Your fiancé could be overloaded with her professional responsibilities and the tasks of  planning  the wedding as well, stepping-in and getting her to relax and de-stress by planning an evening out, a movie or even cooking her a meal will put a smile on her face.


Managing the groomsmen

Ensuring that you have picked a bunch of friends that can be relied upon in managing a few  tasks can help you delegate the many jobs that need to be done on the day of the wedding. Communicate with them and share what is expected from them in advance.


Preparing for the first dance

It is your duty to lead the dancing set with your fiancé for the first dance. Keep in mind that you have all eyes on you and it is a very special moment for your fiancé. Take dance classes if required and also enlist a choreographer that will sequence the entire routine for you.


Honeymoon planning

This is a mushy trip that your fiance is looking forward to, putting everything together is a fun to do activity and would be one less thing to worry about for your fiance. Get an idea of what her likes and dislikes for the trip are and accordingly plan and itinerary and destination.