If your big day was in on the lovely beaches of Goa, you would agree that it also a fabulous place to honeymoon or even simply extend a few days  stay to unwind from all the wedding stress there was! One way or the other you would not be disappointed as there is always a way to relax here just the way you want to!

Laze by the Beaches

If you are in this part of the world, the beautiful beaches would be a great place to start unwinding. Head over to Arossim or Utorda on the southern coast, these beaches are least crowded and cleaner. Towards the northern coast, beaches such as Baga, Calangute, Anjuna and Morjim are a few that we would recommend. Although much more crowded than the southern coast, these beaches have their own unique touristy–vibe that has attracted many to visit over the years. Get a hold of a beach bed at  a nearby shack and they will be happy to serve you food and drinks all day long.

Evergreen Spice Farms

On the other end of the spectrum away from the coastline, nestled away towards the hinterlands are the spice farms, that take you back to why the Europeans traveled for trade to India. An hour’s drive away from the capital city of Panjim, the trip is a mini-hike that offers a guided tour of the farm which  showcases plenty of spices such as pepper, peri-peri chilies and more. The tour also includes a traditional local buffet that serves, fish, chicken and veggies traditionally cooked in local spices. Try the Caju Feni shots that are brewed within the farm itself.

Swing By Old Goa

A UNESCO World heritage site, it was earlier the capital city of the state back in history. Known as the Rome of the East, there is plenty of history packed here, a pure reflection of the Portuguese era in the state. You can explore the many churches, museums and art galleries here,  a visit to the Basilica of Bom Jesus is a must.

Step away from the Crowd

Yes, the beaches are popular, but the wildlife here is equally fun to explore and relax. The drive is pleasant, the sights are beautiful and very relaxing. Set a day aside to plan a visit to Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary or Mollem National Park which are sanctuaries we recommend. The air is clean, the sounds of the forests are mesmerizing, you and your spouse are bound to have a great time here.

Ingo’s For Shopping & Entertainment

 Ingo’s is big on shopping, entertainment and food, is one of the most popular night bazaars which offers a  fusion of junk jewelry, clothes, merchandise and a multitude of cuisines of various cultures. Head out here on a Saturday night towards Arpora to experience the cultural fusion.

Watch Dolphin Dives

If you feel like a short boat cruise, take a trip towards Bat or Grande Island to catch a glimpse of dolphins that keep peeping off the Arabian.  You can make a picnic out of this cruise if you choose to as you can visit a few tiny islands that have a small beach where you can swim or simply relax.

Food & More Food

Savor some of the most popular seafood cooked just the way you would like it, although we would recommend trying it out cooked with a local masalas and spices. Restaurants like Mums kitchen, St. Anthony’s Shack, Martins beach corner are a few must visit places.