Here is a checklist that will come in handy in ensuring that wedding invites have been laid out correctly when the stationary is ready to be posted.

The timing of the invites

Guests would need a sufficient amount of time to make plans and respond to your invite. Getting organised at least a month in advance to the date of the wedding could help get an accurate headcount before a week or 10 days before the event. If you have the option, ensure that you handwrite the addresses rather than print labels as it adds a nice personal touch.

Hiring a calligrapher

If you feel that your handwriting is not the neatest, why not hire a professional calligrapher to inscribe your envelopes? There are plenty stationary suppliers around Goa that offer this service or ask your wedding planner to provide you with a few recommendations. Calligraphers need time to handwrite everything and would need at least 2 to 3 weeks to complete the job. They would have  to be provided with a printed list and addresses for the guests along with their social and professional titles. Give yourself time to make phone calls and confirm addresses and spellings before the calligrapher is provided with the final details.

Names of the guests

The etiquette for addressing invitations is quite relaxed but there are a few requirements that must be kept in mind.  The invite should have the full name of the guests on the outer envelope. It is best avoiding initials and nicknames. Pay attention to social and professional titles, and suffixes, if any. A well addressed invitation strongly indicates that the couple has spent a lot of thought ensuring that it is done the right way and it will show your guests that they matter.

Getting the addresses right

Avoid the use of abbreviations and spell out words in the addresses such as “PO Box” or “Apt” or “St” for street. Confirming addresses from friends and family by making a simple phone call just in case you aren’t sure is always a good idea.

Marking the return address

The perfect spot on the envelope for printing the return address is on the front side of the flap. Many couples also have a blind embossing engraved on the envelope to highlight this. The Goan Postal Service is not a big fan of it as it claims that it is too difficult to read. Generally most couples prefer to have their return address printed in a similar fashion as the writing on the envelope.

Outer envelopes with inners

The idea is to send across pristine envelopes to the recipient just in case the outer one gets torn or soiled while being delivered, although it isn’t mandatory to do so

Postage and handling costs

Take a sample of the completed invitation that includes the reply card as well to the post office to have it weighed so that you do not overpay or pay less for postage. Many require the minimum weight to be at least 2 ounces which is more than the cost of a first-class stamp. Local mail delivered across Goa requires Rs. 5 worth of postage and domestic deliveries across the country require anywhere from Rs. 15- Rs. 50.