The open blue sky on a summer or autumn evening in Goa whether in a public place or in your own garden makes for a great location for a romantic wedding. If you are planning on having an outdoor celebration, there are plenty of choices around Goa to choose from. Here is a short list that will help you better plan your wedding in an outdoor environment.

  • Choosing the date is critical to an outdoor setting. Weather disturbances could be a major hindrance and therefore the preferred choice for an outdoor wedding would be towards autumn or during the summers. The closer the date gets to the end of the dry seasons, the more worries there are of the weather playing up.
  • Set the style of the wedding that will complement the natural surroundings. Avoid trying to compete with them.
  • Organise a transportation option for your guests travelling to the venue especially if is outside the city areas. Getting to the wedding site may be difficult for your guests thus organising ready available transport would help them get to and leave the venue without any worries.
  • Another concern for guests is quick access to restrooms. While short listing an outdoor venue, keep an eye for how accessible it would be for guests to reach the restrooms. Look into hiring portable restrooms if the need arises.
  • Co-ordinate with the vendors to understand how long it will take them to reach the venue. Everyone from the caterer to the florist, the photographer to the cake artist needs to be assigned a certain time to arrive at the venue.
  • Outdoor electrical wiring is another essential element in planning an outdoor wedding.  The location may require electrical points and also fans/coolers at various spots around the venue. Having an electrical contractor on-site for a few hours is a bonus.
  • Local ordinances have to be met as well. Ensure that  have all the necessary permits  from the Dept Of Tourism in Goa and the local Village Panchayat  are procured for the venue. Check with the local authorities well in advance as permits these require time to get processed at their end.
  • Set up sound across the venue so that your guests do not struggle to hear the wedding ceremony. Get your sound check done earlier in the day to ensure that there are no last-minute difficulties.
  • Proper lighting is also vital in an outdoor setting. If you are unsure as to how much lighting would be required for the venue, set up the lights a day in advance of the ceremony. This will give you time to hire more lighting if required.
    Another aspect that you need to take care of before the event is pest control for mosquitoes and fleas. This needs to be done at least three days before the day of the wedding.
  • Refreshment counters need to be placed at various points across the venue just in case your guests require a sip of water or need to cool down.
  • A makeshift tent at one spot of the venue could also come in handy for the vendors and guests to utilise.