Comprehensive Guide to Planning a Wedding In Goa by renowned wedding planners in Goa

We have put together all that you need to know to planning your wedding in Goa. This guide is collection of thoughts from some of the most reputed wedding planners in Goa known for their work spanning for decades.

Choosing among various wedding vendors

The right team of vendors can make a huge difference in hosting a great wedding ensuring that everything goes right on your big day. There are a ton of vendors available across Goa and looking to find the “right” vendor that will be able to work with your personality and style you have in mind for the wedding while also keeping a preset budget in mind is a major task. So here are a few notes that should hopefully work as a guide in helping you find the right vendor.

The search begins with the budget

Before you go out there and actually begin looking for a vendor, it is necessary that to put down the dollar amounts on a piece of paper. This should also include the margin for flexibility and the balance between spending more on something you really adore and compromising on another item. It’s always a good idea to list down a few items that are on your priority list for which you are willing to stretch your budget for and those you don’t have to. What this basically means is that if the photographer you always had in mind is over your budget, the budget planning should give you the flexibility to accommodate him and balance it out with another aspect such as the floral arrangements or the hall decor. Perhaps, you may be willing to compromise on the cost of the dress and even the accessories that go along with it. The budget being the starting point of the entire wedding planning activity is the most important aspect of everything that will follow.

Determining the real value

Keep in mind that vendors have a huge pricelist on offer, some of which may not really add value to your vision of the wedding. Just because a vendor has a higher price tag does not mean that the value behind the tag is equivalent. Of course, given the choices you have, many vendors offer additional features such as spending more time at the event, better products and features that you may actually prefer. Being aware of the various packages they have on offer and what you are being charged for will surely help you determine the value packed in it.

Your personality bank

When you are planning a wedding,  friends and family bringing would bring recommendations of “the best” wedding planner in town or the best DJ but matching wavelengths with vendors will go a long way in helping you work with them on the same page. If youare not sure whether a particular vendor is the right one, keep looking. Being able to communicate with the vendor who is willing to understand and listen to your suggestions is a great sign of someone you’d like to work with rather than a vendor that cannot.

Are they flexible?

Every bride wants to avoid a cookie cutter wedding and hence the attention to detail is unique to each wedding. A vendor’s flexibility to work with you and customise your requirements is key. A better understanding of what your ideas are and what you want to achieve from them is a great sign of whether a vendor is willing to make adjustments and be flexible in the services he has to offer.

Fun rehearsal dinner ideas you can explore

If you are looking to ditch the traditional route of organising a rehearsal dinner at a restaurant and go with something of a bit of a twist, here’s a list of ideas that will entertain your guests and guarantee a good time.

Picnic at the beaches or parks across Goa

An outing on a summer day at a local park with servings of sandwiches and baskets and a few easy party games in the lawn is sure to keep everyone entertained and in a light mood. Alternatively, you can also hire out a tent to setup or look for an area in the park where you can have a small campfire going.

Hiring a caterer on wheels

Having a party at your home and your favourite food truck dishing your favourite meals on tables out on the patio of your home makes for an excellent laid-back and fun gathering. Just throw in some string lighting and you’re good to go.

Meals at different venues

More often than not, your favourite foods will be served at multiple locations across town. You can get your friends and family to follow a small route of the different menus setup for the evening. You can have drinks at a certain location where you had your first date, spaghetti Bolognese at that little Italian place around the corner that you love and desert as the last stop. Keep in mind, however, not to plan more than three locations. Also ensure that all three are in the same vicinity. Having locations that have some memory of you as a couple in the past makes a great story to share!

Serving out a midnight snack menu

You can always switch menus and add your own little twists to it like alternating traditional entrees with a bunch of midnight snacks if you’re hosting a late-night dinner.

Rehearsal brunch

If you plan to schedule your rehearsals in the morning and are expecting everyone to be gathered early, you could probably schedule a mid-morning gathering at your home or even a favourite cafe. This works really well especially when the following day would require plenty of travel or when the ceremony is scheduled towards the early half of the day.

Hobbies of the bride and groom

Planning a rehearsal around the hobbies of the couple is a really fun and exciting activity. A short visit to the countryside or even a place of interest can be a lot of fun when travelling in a group. Hiring out a bus would keep everyone together while ensuring that they all have a good time.

Hosting a trivia event

This is a great activity to keep everyone engaged. It can be hosted at restaurant banquet rooms by a DJ who will manage the entire event or even at home out on the patio. If your family and friends are competitive you could divide the teams before the event to build excitement.

A tour of the city

If you have plenty of relatives visiting, a tour of the city would be a great way for them to explore the city in the limited time that they have. This could be accompanied with dinner as the last stop. You could hire a local bus or even tie-up with a local tour company to organise the event for you. Take things one step further by organising a scavenger hunt and splitting everybody into teams.

Looking at ditching the traditional white dress?


Although the traditional bride has been associated with a dreamy white dress to walk down the aisle, colours have been making a splash with the brides of today. Looking at a dress that is beyond the whites is certainly less traditional, but definitely glamorous. Plus, there are so many options to choose from, from palettes of colour to a simple coloured sash to completely coloured pieces. Each bride is different from the rest and if you’re one of those who always fantasised about a dress that was beyond white here is a guide that will help.

The amount of colour in the dress would really depend on how much you are willing to commit. If you are just about experimenting on the colour options, the amount of colour to plan to have in the dress could begin with a coloured petticoat or some tulle in a different tone beneath the outer layer of your white dress. This provides the option of blending the whites with the colour of your choice.

Opting for subtle touches of colour onto the white the dress is also trending using subtle infusions blended with the traditional white dress. If you are looking to skip the whites completely, go with colour shades that are pinks or shades of blush. Although this would mean moving away from the traditional white it still enhances the feminine side of the bride keeping the color tones graceful and elegant. For those brides looking to step up the glamour quotient, metallic shades look absolutely stunning. Take things a step further by adding a bit of sparkle to the metallic shade in shimmering gold or even glittering silver.

Lilac gowns or shades of a similar palette also make lovely colours that stand out on wedding dresses. For brides looking to experiment with vintage style dressing choose from a wide palette of greens, blues and purples.

The cut of your wedding dress and the accessories with it also add volume to the final look. For example crop top dresses are well balanced with muted colours and a two piece outfit would also need to be visually different with added colours to the outfit. If you plan to have beads or patterns on the dress, the dress needs to be more subtle and of a pastel palette.

Nail the thank you note


The tedious task of writing thank you notes to your guests and family is the most dreaded. Just like taking down the Christmas tree would mean concluding a fun and frolic holiday and returning to reality, jotting down those ‘thank you’s’ can be a similar experience as well. After all, the thank you notes would probably be the last wedding-related activity that needs to be gone post the wedding. Not that it is as fun or exciting as the cake tastings or selecting the dress, but the people that mean the most to you need to be thanked. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you write a better thank you note.

Build a list of anecdotes associated with the wedding and a short description of memories associated with the person you are thanking. Selecting the appropriate size thank you card is important as a larger card would appear to be empty and vice versa. Keep in mind to send out thank you cards no more than 90 days after the wedding; the sooner the better. Also get your spouse involved in penning down a few lines which will add a nice touch.

Making the note personal

A mention of a specific moment or memory relating to the person you are addressing would have so much meaning rather than a generic reply that states: thank you for your gift. If you received a gift from the person, it would be nice to add a few lines on how you plan to make use of it as well.

Thank you cards stationery

You need not essentially have the thank you cards printed in a similar style or monogram of the wedding card design. If you plan to make use of the thank you notes on different occasions, ordering a classic style print that can be used again is a good idea. One element to keep in mind when selecting the thank you cards is to keep it as close to your wedding style as possible.

Honeymoon registry thank you notes

If you enlisted a honeymoon registry, ensure that you also thanked people for specific gifts by mentioning how you enjoyed it. You could also purchase postcards from your honeymoon destination and use these as thank you cards to add a truly personalised touch.

Not generalising the card design

Send out special thank you notes to family members and friends that played an integral role in putting together the entire celebration for you. These printed can be printed while printing your wedding invites, add monograms or even a personal quote in print.

Use of pre- printed cards

Plenty of brides choose to have pre-printed cards as thank you notes. Although these work well if you are pressed for time, these lack the personal callout made to a specific person.

Keeping it short and sweet

Your messages need not be descriptive and lengthy and should focus more on the personal element that would make it more meaningful. Keep in mind that you’ll also have to shell out extra for postage in case you are opting for large-sized thank you notes.

Most couples find it quite a task to complete the thank you notes. Perhaps it would be a good idea to set up rewards against certain goals, like finishing every 50 cards would mean dinner out or being pampered at the spa.

General etiquette for engagement parties

It’s a new phase of life– you are engaged and having a party. Have unanswered questions on the general etiquette of putting together the celebration? Here are the answers to a few common questions surrounding the planning of an engagement party.

Is it necessary for a couple to have an engagement party?

It’s entirely optional for a couple to have a party for the engagement. If you are planning a long engagement, it would be a good idea for  friends and family to meet and socialise before the big day arrives.

Does the couple or a family member host the engagement party?

Engagement parties are generally hosted by the members of the family or in some cases the couple itself. Gifts are usually not expected on this occasion, it is more of an announcement that the couple makes.

Are there any traditional rules or formalities that need to be kept in mind?

Most couples save the best for the wedding day as they do not want the engagement party to steal the occasion thunder. Hence, this celebration is much more relaxed and no major traditions or formalities need to be followed.

Who should I include in the guest list?

Not everyone that would be invited to the wedding needs to be invited for the engagement party. The parents of the couple, relatives and close friends would be a part of the guest list. The members of the wedding party also would be present.

Is bringing gifts a necessity?

A hostess gift such as bottle of wine is the standard etiquette that is followed. No presents are expected to be brought along.

Would there be a toast?

Toasts are generally a part of the rehearsal dinner or reception and are not expected to be a part of the engagement party. But  most engagement parties kick off with toasts by the parents and close family and the couple concludes by thanking those who toasted them at the beginning of the celebration. The groom also toast’s his bride in a traditional celebration.

Does the wedding party have to be selected?

If the engagement is going to be for a longer period it is advised to make the announcements as you get closer to setting the date of the wedding. Keep in mind though to invite them to the engagement party if you have selected them already.

What time of the day should I plan to have the party at?

There is no specific time of day to schedule the celebration. Keep in mind that if you plan a celebration between 11 to 3 pm guests will expect that you’ll be serving lunch as well. And if it is an outdoor venue, don’t forget to take into account the climatic conditions.

What style or theme should I select?

An open lawn space or even the backyard with a simple barbecue makes a great setting for a party. Plan simple lawn games and activities depending on what best fits the guest list.

Organised bride: Tips and Advice

We have compiled some smart tips and advice on how to stay ahead of planning your big day while avoiding duplication of efforts, lower your stress levels and keeping you organised. Begin your wedding planning as soon as you are engaged even if your wedding is a year from that time. Booking early wherever necessary and reserving vendors would give you a head start in the planning process ensuring that you secure exactly what you need for the wedding from that desired photographer to the venue of your choice.

Of course there are a few things  that you can’t plan be planned months in advance, but planning early will save you a lot of time and reduce the efforts at a later stage. Even if you are the kind of person who thinks things will just fall into place at the last minute, getting started on wedding planning early is hugely recommended. A good timeframe would be an 18-month period from the date of the wedding to comfortably plan everything in an organised manner. Here is a list of the things that you need to get organised as early as possible.

Start out building a scrapbook, even if it means you are doing so months before the actual wedding date or even if you aren’t close to setting one. This way you could have all your ideas, inspirations and visions in one place and have a clear picture of what you would like the big day to be.

Ask close friends and family for recommendations on different venues and vendors, at the same time carry out your own research and shortlist the venues or venues you would like to stick with.

Among the many things on the list ensure that finding the right photographer is a priority, especially if you are looking for somebody that has been very popular and has had raving reviews. Often, successful photographers are booked months or even years in advance. If you do not have any particular photographer in mind you could view their work on social platforms and read what people have to say about them.The best way to get started with the photographer is by planning an engagement shoot. You have a chance to work with the photographer and also get an idea of how happy you are with his services before you decide on booking him for the big day. Most photographers also offer discounted pricing if they are hired for the engagement shoot and also the wedding day.

Booking the wedding venue comes next and  have several options across Goa. Wedding venues get booked fast therefore make a decision at the earliest. Keep in mind that many wedding venues offer a substantial discount if you are willing to pay a deposit in advance.

Another added benefit of booking the venue early is that you can visit it several times to get to know the people working at the venue and who will be a part of it on your big day. Schedule a visit with the photographers to give them a better idea of how best they can plan shoots across the venue. Planning the lighting, floral arrangements and can be scheduled for a bit later.

One the dates of the wedding are decided,  print out stationary for the save the date cards especially if to inform guests living at faraway locations. Get started on the dresses and florists as well. It is not a bad idea to start planning the honeymoon trip well in advance since you will be able to catch plenty of early bird discounts that flights and hotel reservations offer.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of things that will have to get done at the last minute, so no matter how organised you are, there would be some aspects of the planning that will have to do be done at the last-minute such as the bridal dress fitting, delivery of the flowers and cakes, etc. There is plenty of excitement in planning a wedding so do ensure that you enjoy every bit of it.

A Guide For the Best Man

Our comprehensive guide for the Best Man will help you to be at your best at fulfilling all that is required to be the best man for the wedding.

Before accepting an offer to be someone’s best man, keep in mind that you should not feel obligated to accept immediately. There are plenty of responsibilities that go along with the title, so it would be a good idea to first speak to the groom to understand what exactly he expects from you and whether you have the inclination and of course the time to take on the responsibilities. If in any way you feel that you cannot match up to his expectations, turn him down quickly so that he will have plenty of time to find an alternative.

If you have taken on the responsibility, there is plenty to do. By the traditional settings it would involve organising the bachelor party, the speech of the wedding and also carrying the rings. From the organising and planning to the actual day of the wedding, a best man’s tasks are many.

Here is a basic list of ‘best man’ duties that the groom would generally expect from you:

  • The first would be organising the stag. This is a huge responsibility because you have to ensure that the groom has a good time while keeping in mind that none of it upsets the bride.
  • Helping the groom pick out the right suit
  • Willing to pay for your own choice of suit
  • Helping with the guest seating arrangements and bring together the invitations and the guest list
  • Arranging for the groomsmen’s hotel stay and travel arrangements
  • Being a part of the rehearsal dinner and taking on additional tasks in organising it
  • Running last minute errands before the day of the wedding
  • Being available to the groom for any tasks that need taken care of before the wedding
  • Helping the groom get ready on the day of the wedding and keeping him company all throughout just so that you can calm his nerves and keep him at ease
  • Capturing behind-the-scenes pictures and emotions and even video of precious moments of the celebration
  • Checking on the rings and asking the groom if he would want you to look after any valuables during the ceremony
  • The groom has plenty to think of and helping him to stay ahead of things that he may have forgotten such as switching off his mobile phone before the ceremony or even reminding him of certain parts of the speech he keeps forgetting is of a lot of help.
  • Keeping an eye on guests to make sure that they are comfortable and relaxed and have all been served
  • Being well prepared for the speech that you will be delivering
  • Looking after any transport arrangements that need to be made after the ceremony for the couple



Keep in mind that the speech is the most important responsibility you have. Be sure that you are confident and have rehearsed well in advance so that you do not mumble when you are speaking. Remember to include anecdotes that are funny without crossing the line or making the bride and groom uncomfortable.

Wedding advice from real-life brides

No matter how many blogs you read, there is nothing like real-life advice. We have interacted with plenty of brides over the years and gathered some of the best unsolicited advice that brides to be could benefit from.

Pay close attention to what’s important to you

“Discuss with your partner well in advance what the two of you feel are the most important apects of the wedding that you are not willing to compromise on.” Says Nicole from Devon. “This helps in gauging a clear picture of what is really important to the two of you and also keeps room for what your family wants as well.”

Save, save, save

Jessica from Wales said,” I was told by a very close friend of mine to put down on paper details of every dollar that you would like to spend on the wedding. Then leave it to sit for a few days before going back to rework your budget. You will automatically end up slashing the final amount by 15 to 20%”.

The right splash

“It’s important to know where to stretch a budget and what needs to be compromised on”, says Sarah from London. “Instead of a professional I had asked a friend to take photos of the reception and none of them came out satisfactory, so hire the right photographer. Alternatively, you could simply hire a videographer over a photographer because you will end up watching the wedding video over and over again to relive the big day.”

List your priorities

“The list of things to do and the things that you want to do for your big day is endless, so pick wisely”, says Rachel from London. “For me it was the dress and the venue”, says Joanna from Kent.

Pressurizing yourself With DIY’s

“Taking on additional tasks such as crafts if you are not good at it is not a great idea,” says Sandra M from Scotland. “You come across plenty of weddings that have a great amount of detailing but that isn’t something that I can pull off by myself, so I don’t. There are plenty of places you could buy these from that sell custom-made accessories and other handmade crafts. Besides, no one would remember things like handmade candles or napkins so I don’t see the point in DIY!”

Sprinkle your own personal touch

“Our guestbook was a lovely photo that we clicked on our engagement and had mounted at a prominent place at the venue,” says Cecilia from London. “We had friends sign it and leave  short comments that created a beautiful memory of both our big days.”


Fitting into something comfortable

“Your wedding day is going to be one of the longest day’s of your life,” says Eugene K, from Liverpool. “This is the most important advice I received in my opinion, as at the end of it all it was a really long day and I wouldn’t have made it wearing a dress or shoes that I wasn’t comfortable in.”

The dress and You

“A tip that I would like to share with brides to be is to make arrangements on how you would go to the washroom in your wedding dress,” reveals Sylvia from Newcastle. “Get a trial run done without your bridesmaids helping out.”

Ensure you try everything you can

“Hold the buying spree on accessories or jewellery to avoid the risk of it not suiting you at the very last minute. It would be wise to try what hairstyle suits you first rather than the other way around of buying the accessory and building a hairstyle around it.” Says Amanda from Birmingham.

Don’t worry about things you cannot control

“I kept getting stressed on hoping that it wouldn’t rain on the big day.” Says Claire from London. “However, it did rain. But the day was perfect and looking back I enjoyed and accepted that it was a rainy wedding, I made the most of it and did not fret about it.”

Planning your wedding and managing relationships as you do

Paula Gibson, relationship expert, shares with us her tips on managing people that matter to you in the run-up to the big day.

Planning a wedding is no small task and it could lead to endless arguments with people closest to you, especially your fiancé! We spoke with relationship expert and bride coach Paula Gibson for understanding how the bride-to-be can best manage her relationships during this entire process.

Taking time out with the groom

Although planning a wedding may take most of your time, let it not take all of it. “Your fiancé is also planning the wedding with you and is probably facing the same stress you are, so arrange for one day in the week where you keep the wedding plans at bay,” says Paula Gibson. “It is a great idea to reconnect with each other by doing regular things like you would such as going out for dinner, to the movies or even for a walk on the beach just so that you can reconnect and not keep talking about the wedding.”

Keeping the peace with parents

Asserting yourself in managing expectations of your parents and family is the recommended way. Paula suggests, “After you announce your engagement to your parents, take the opportunity to better understand how they plan to get involved in planning the wedding. If your parents plan on contributing financially, it is better to understand how actively they would be involved in planning the celebration.” According to Paula, it is better to know up front rather than deal with problems later.

Planning with the in-laws

Whether you share a cordial relationship with your in-laws or you are struggling with them, either ways planning a wedding with your finance’s parents can get complicated and spark tensions. Paula recommends that you “meet your in-laws along with your fiance to discuss the details of the wedding rather than doing it just by yourself.” When you have everyone at the table it is easier to take a united decision. And with your fiancé by your side you will be able to smooth out the situation and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

With your close friends

“Your best friend may feel the need to be included in planning your wedding. So instead of leaving her out, why not assign her specific tasks and make it fun,” says Paula. Close friends realize that things would change after you get married, so reassuring them that you would still be a part of their lives in some way or the other helps.

The bridal party

Paula recommends that you are clear from the very beginning on the roles and expectations you have from your bridesmaids. “Identify the strengths of the bridal entourage and accordingly assign tasks. They may be more than willing to help out if they know what is expected from them,” says Paula.

At Work

Reassure your boss or your colleague that the wedding planning activities will not affect your professional duties is what Paula urges. “You don’t want to be talking about  wedding plans throughout the day, as your colleagues will feel that you are neglecting responsibilities at work and focusing only on your big day.” Keeping the wedding discussion at lunchtime or at breaks and also informing your office in advance of your time off is essential.

Wedding planning guide for the groom

Gone are the days when the groom would simply nod to his brides plans and tell her how beautiful she looks on the day of the wedding. The groom of today is expected to do so much more. We got together three wedding planning experts based in Goa to give you the lowdown on what you need to focus on the big day, from proposing to your girlfriend to planning your honeymoon, so that you get everything right.

Beginning with the proposal

Jesse Simons, an experienced proposal planner from Simons Events says that a guy get just one shot at the marriage proposal, so having everything planned right is better than being spontaneous about it. “Having no contingency plan is definitely not the right approach,” says Jesse. Plenty of things can go wrong, from bad weather to being stuck in traffic.

“The proposal should be more personal rather than being big and elaborate. Turn the living room of your home into a romantic setting or even fly your lady down to an exotic location, as long as you keep it personal,” he adds.

Keeping the element of surprise is very critical in delivering the right proposal. Inform friends and family only if you need to and setting the proposal in an environment where she least expects it makes it even more special and joyful.

If you are in favour of memorising a script, ensure that you are well rehearsed before getting down on one knee. Keep the scripts simple and easy to remember to reduce the tension of the moment.

The big day

“Grooms today are involved in every aspect of the planning process,” says Kevin Phillips, a wedding planner from Sparkle Events, adding, “Most grooms take on the responsibility of the negotiating, financial planning of the wedding and finalising the vendors.”

“While planning a budget keep in mind to choose the best man and the entourage as soon as early as you can,” says Kevin, “as you would have to factor in the cost of their outfits and accessories in the budgets as well.”

“When writing the speech, having a few personal experiences from the early stages of your relationship is a nice touch,” says Kevin. Include a few stories and experiences that were funny that could be shared with everyone.

“Your speech should also include thank you’s for everyone that has been a part of the wedding,  also your friends and family for their support and thier presence in celebrating the occasion with you,” says Kevin.

The honeymoon

“Traditionally, it has always been the grooms responsibility to surprise and plan the honeymoon as a treat to his newlywed wife,” says Sandra from Bright events.

As you are aware of the likes of your bride, you are always in a better position to arrange a honeymoon based on her preferences. For example, she might not like cold climates or enjoy camping. Says Sandra, “If you’re unsure what she would prefer, ask to put together a list of the 10 most exotic places she would like to visit and take it from there.”

Sandra recommends working on the honeymoon arrangements at the earliest possible time so that to catch an early bird offers on hotels and flight deals. Look out for all-inclusive options that include food, accommodation and entertainment.

If you are planning on surprising her, get a few friends to help out in planning the honeymoon. Inform them in advance of the plan you have in mind and get their suggestions on how you can go about it.

Choosing the perfect wedding ring


The exchange of rings at a wedding ceremony is one of the most moving events of the day. It symbolises the love and commitment shared between the bride and the groom and is the most important and significant symbol of marriage sported in everyday life, which basically means that wearing your wedding ring for the rest of your life. It is thus important that you are comfortable and happy wearing it. In view of this, we decided to call in a few experts to help you pick the perfect ring.

Don’t be in a rush

Considering that the wedding ring would be worn for the rest of your life, it is important that you take your time picking something you like. “Your wedding photographs and the rings are the two most lasting keepsakes of your big day, so it is important that the right decision is made in selecting one,” says Susan from StyleWorth Jewellers which offers its customers the flexibility of designing their own ring.

Ray Simons from Wedding Rings agrees. “Couples can customise pretty much every style and not have it cost an arm and a leg,” he says. Simons also recommends to opt for a style with minimalistic design as the rings needs to be kept its form for at least 15 to 20 years.

Mixing and matching with your engagement ring

If you plan to wearing your engagement ring along with the wedding ring, the two have to complement each others style. A similar metal profile and fit is perfect. Overpowering one or the other will not really work well. Also different metals rubbing against each other will erode them over a period of time. A simply shaped ring will also resist wear and tear works better in the long run.

Setting aside a budget

When it is time to buy a wedding ring, there will be a wide choice of offerings for you to choose from, getting carried away and burdening your credit card may not be the best decision to make. Before shopping for a ring, have a basic idea of the styles and costs online. This way you can set aside a budget  before you shop at a store and a better idea of what to expect for a certain price.

Personalising the ring

“Adding your own little touches to the ring without increasing the cost a lot is another way to make to make the wedding rings uniquely yours. As long as you do not go overboard on the designs and the patterns, personalising should not affect the price much,” says Ray. If you are looking to engrave the wedding rings, the most common things people add are names and dates.

Customising the ring

View several samples before deciding upon the customizing the design of the ring. Keep in mind that if you plan to have similar bands, visit the store together to make a decision jointly on the designs.

Getting Your First Dance Right


The first dance is a beautiful moment at every Goan wedding, not just for the couple but for everyone else attending the wedding as well. It is a tradition followed across the world and is an expression of love described in the form of dance. It is also a great way to entertain the guests and set the mood for the entire celebration. And while most couples in the past simply shuffled along to a waltz routine, the couples of today want to look good while dancing and are willing to go the extra mile.

Professional dancers across Goa are now encouraging couples to choreograph the entire sequence to match the occasion. Songs from popular artists such as Barry White’s “My first, my last, my everything” or even Frank Sinatra’s “Fly me to the Moon” are some of the most popular choices seen today. A nice touch often seen iscouples mixing it up as well, starting with a slow romantic ballad which gradually increases in tempo to songs such as Queens “Don’t stop me now,” etc. Some even create their own mixes. Another former tradition was to begin with a waltz and mix it up gradually with a jive set.

Traditionally, it is the newlywed couple that takes to the floor for the first dance at all Goan weddings. In some cultures the family members join the couple as well and together they put together an entertaining performance for their guests. This is very commonly seen in Asian cultures.

Getting ready for a first dance can be quite a task if you have two left feet. However if you stick to the basics of a waltz, you can pull it off just like a pro.

The first step would be to select music that you both love. Keep in mind that the dance should stretch not more than three minutes. If you are new to wedding dancing, pay attention to the tempo and the rhythm of the tune that you have selected. It is recommended that you use a beat which is of moderate speed in the beginning. However, if you are familiar with ballroom dancing, choose a mix between faster and slower rhythms and add your own creativity to the routine.

If you are choosing lessons and are a beginner, we recommend some one-on-one lessons rather than a group session. Personal lessons will be little more expensive, but it is definitely a lot of fun and will help you in better understanding the routine. Give yourself time to practice the routine if you are a beginner. We recommend at least 3 to 4 months of practice, but if you have some dance experience, two months should be enough. There is always the option of cutting short the routine to under two minutes if you think you will be too nervous to play it through.

While selecting the bridal party also check with them if they need help on their dance routine as they would also be a part of the first dance. If bridal party is a sizeable number you could also combine and have a private dance class for just your bridal entourage.

For live music at the first dance, do check with the band on any limitations that they would have in playing your chosen song. Also consider the outfit you and the groom will be wearing on that day. If  the outfits have restricted movement you consider alternative songs as well. If you are unsure on how the dance would play with your outfits, we recommend a trial run of the dance in the outfit before the wedding or during the trials.

Fabulous Wedding Themes That You Will Love


With plenty of options available, choosing a wedding theme is an most important tasks that couples have to think about. The theme is something that will set the tone of the entire wedding planning process. The floral decor, the style of the cake, wedding invites, the wedding gown and  the food menu will vary according to  the theme you choose.

If you are struggling to find a theme, here are a few popular choices to choose from. Eeach of the themes mentioned below can be enhanced and made unique using your creativity and customisation.

The Glamour Styled Theme

The glamour wedding theme has never lost its charm and is highly popular even today. Putting together a glamorous theme is far easier than any other option as there are plenty of decor and accessories that are easily available to select from. Begin by looking at a venue that has a more of formal ballroom style setup, preferably with gold gilded architecture. Other venues such as a historic mansion or a grand estate also make good backdrops. Glamour style weddings make for the most perfect Cinderella moments so go for a wedding gown that is encrusted with crystals, a beaded bodice or even a layered skirt. Colour combinations are usually monochromatic and not too loud. For the floral arrangements, you can’t go wrong with a variety of roses or even seeded eucalyptus, berries and grapes while complementing them with vines and branches.

The Vintage Wedding

The Vintage wedding theme is one of the most versatile choices that can be combined in several different ways. Couples choose to highlight a certain era like the early 60’s or the 80’s using elements in the theme from different periods of time. There is a lot to explore in terms of the decor and styles within the theme itself. Wedding stationery can also be customized by using vintage fonts to give guests a clue of what they can expect. Have an abundance of vintage details across the reception areas such as the table centrepieces made of vintage bottles or mason jars or mismatched crockery. A wedding car that is vintage styled is also a nice touch. This is one theme idea where your creativity can be explored to the fullest while also making it unique to your style and personality.

The Rustic Theme

Rustic weddings are one of those things that you can whip up with minimum effort, while still making the wedding day to look stylish and elegant. It works across seasons and with everything from a warm sunny day to a cold winter’s one. A barn venue makes for the perfect location for a rustic wedding theme as these venues have neutral colour palettes that give a wedding day celebration a more natural and real feel. There are plenty of props to explore such as tree logs, barrels, candles, apple crates, etc that are really cost-effective to source (visit a few flea markets). Fairy lighting adds a nice touch to the entire venue whether it is hung from the ceiling or used as a backdrop. Mix up the lighting by wrapping twinkle lights around the beams of the structure.


The Outdoor Theme

This theme is the most flexible of them all as you can break every rule there is to it. However, this theme works well only for a spring or summer wedding and only if the venue has plenty of open space and beautiful gardens. If you are one of those couples who enjoy the sun and the outdoors, this is the perfect theme for you. Having a makeshift tent is always recommended just in case the weather turns harsh. Fresh flowers and fresh fruits are most associated with this style of wedding combined with white drapes across the venue.

Budgets: The First Step to Planning a Wedding


All wedding planning first begins with a budget, irrespective of whether the plan is to on having an intimate gathering or a large one. Budget planning is the first step in deciding what needs to spend on and how much to spend on it. We have created a list of tips that will better help manage spending and get everything organised while organising your budget.

The first step is to account for all expenses that need to be factored in the budget plan. An engagement ring for example is what the groom would be spending on.  From the engagement ring, to the engagement to the honeymoon expenses, ensure that everything is accounted for.

While planning for the wedding expenses, most of the spending will be towards the ceremony itself, from the different vendors to the cost of the venues. With plenty of expenses to manage there also are items with smaller details that add up to the cost such as stationery items, gifts for the bridesmaids and wedding party, etc.

Cost for a wedding video as well as a photographer should be included in the list. The cost of transportation is another aspect that is missed out very often while planning. You may want to arrive at the venue in style, and  will also require transportation back to the hotel. Besides this, there would be guests that need transportation to and from the venue. A few couples also choose to set aside a budget for wedding insurance from any unavoidable circumstances.

Most of the spending and probably three-fourths of your budget would be towards expenses at the reception starting with the hiring  the venue and the caterers. Both of these will vary depending on the number of guests that will be attending. Decide if you are having an open bar, a wedding breakfast buffet or welcome drinks, as this would be an additional cost to what the caterers generally include in their package.

Cost of decor must be the next major head in the budget spreadsheet. This will include the cost of flowers, table decoration, centrepieces, lighting and sound, props and accessories that will be included at the venue. Budgeting for entertainment would be next whether it is a DJ or a live band. Then account for the cake. There are several options to choose from here therefore this item on the is flexible depending on what you plan to spend on the other items.

Spending on fashion will be the next on the list, the dress being the most important of them all followed by the bride’s jewellery, shoes and other accessories. The cost for hair and make-up will need to be accounted for the bride as well as the bridal party and family members. Addtionally room for the bridal party’s clothing and accessories also adds to the list.

Lastly, allocate for funds for the honeymoon trip which would need spending money, travel, accommodation and food.

There are several budget planners available on the Internet which you can use to better organize your efforts.

Turning Your Wedding into a Fun Celebration


There is plenty of chatter online telling you about how you can get your wedding to be picture perfect, with the right centrepieces, dresses, customisation, styles, and so much more, but you don’t really come across much information on how to get your guests to enjoy themselves and have a good time as well. Most couples will tell you that it is indeed their priority to see to it that their guests are comfortable and having a good time. But how do you do it? So if you are one of those brides asking this question, that is what this article is all about.

The first step would be in giving  guests a heads up on what the key element of the wedding is. Give them an idea of what the reception and ceremony venue would be like. Would the surface be of  grass or sand or rocky ground. The same goes for the weather. This will help  guests dress appropriately for the celebration without feeling out of place.

Give them a hint about the style of the event,  which can be mentioned in the wedding stationery. For example, if it is a  vintage wedding, you could use vintage fonts or if the wedding is rustic, you could use a creative invite expressing the style.

When guests arrive at the venue, ensure that they are not kept hungry and the food is served on time. So if the reception is between 2 and 5 pm, most would expect to be served a teatime snack as well. It need not be anything fancy, but the bare minimum to do is to ensure that no one is left hungry.

To make the wedding as fun as it can be, define what the definition of fun means to you. Some couples prefer plenty of dancing, others may think that karaoke is fun, while still others may choose to invite a stand-up comedian.  A lot also depends on how the  reception venue is laid out; the more accessible guests are to each other they will interact and get in the mood, as compared to a formal sit-down styled dinner.

Keep in mind that at the end of the day it isn’t possible to please everyone. So, if you keep it real and laid-back, there is a better chance of people being relaxed and enjoying themselves.