We put together a few must know tips that we have gathered from wedding planners and couples that have been a part of weddings of same-sex couples. For every wedding planner this is a great guide that has been reality tested you can reference.

If you are one of the same sex couples that do not have gendered roles you have the flexibility to explore and reinvent the traditional wedding timeline. You need not stick to the conventional must-have’s of the ceremony line-up and should plan the ceremony on the lines of what it means to you personally.

When it comes to choosing the wedding party  get creative and mix things up. You could have a small crew of bridesmaids or bridesmen or simply not have anyone at all and keep all the attention on you and your partner. It isnt necessary that you have to select a maid of honour if you are a woman or have to select the best man if you are a guy, you could have a man of honour or even the best woman.

Get to choosing your outfits as early as you can, it would be much easier for two men to find their suits tuxedos as compared to the bride that does not want to go with the option of wearing a gown. If you can’t find something that you like online keep room to budget a tailor to make an outfit for you. Keep in mind that this would need to be done months in advance as you would have two find the styles of your choice and be comfortable with what you plan to wear on the big day. If you do want not reveal to your partner what you plan on wearing share a picture with a common friend and they inturn can guide your partner on the designs and patterns that are clashing.

There plenty  of ideas on social platforms if you want to look at options for your invitations or you need help with your vows or pretty much anything else. Ensure that you check out Pinterest first but also be aware not get carried away with it.

In a traditional setting the bride has to walk to the altar to meet her groom, for a same-sex couple you can add your own stamp to it depending on how comfortable you and your partner are about it. There is the option to walk together down the aisle or also  walk one after another. Some couples also walk together choosing different aisles leading towards the altar. To make things fun flip a coin just before the ceremony to decide who will walk down the aisle first.

Is always advisable to be vary of vendor that could be unfriendly and unsupportive to marriage equality although it is now legal across 50 states. You could come across vendors would have their own the religious beliefs or different mindsets, so +just to avoid the unfriendliness it would be best if you inform the vendor that you and your partner are the same-sex. And besides there is no point in wasting your time with vendors who have a problem with it in the first place. Hiring a wedding planner could be a lot of help in narrowing down venues, officiants for same-sex weddings and save you time and trouble of doing the work yourself.