There is so much that goes and on in a man’s mind before he pops the big question, the pressure of getting everything right and also the fact that it such an important step in his life. He has got plenty of think of,  here are the six most important things that is going through his mind.


Being sure about himself

There are plenty of emotions that drive the decision of a man being ready to ask his loved one to spend the rest of her life with him. Picturing how he sees the future  being together as a husband and wife and some day having kids can get plenty of thoughts rolling in his head. Walking down the aisle is a huge moment for every guy, hence he has plenty to decide before he is sure enough about himself on taking this huge step.


The girl’s family

It is a polite gesture to give the girl’s family a tiny hint about wanting to marry their daughter, in some cases you also have the guy asking the bride’s father for his permission which is considered traditional.


Choosing the ring

Getting the right ring is quite a nervous experience as it would be something she would be wearing for the rest of her life. From getting something that she likes or getting to know what she would prefer is a task that is easier said than done.


Talking to his friends

Being such a big moment of his life, men will consider sharing this with their friends or even friends of the bride just so that they can get their opinion on how to approach it in the right manner. He might also want to have his friends or the girl’s friends to be a part of the act in case he is planning to surprise her


The approach

Every guy wants to make the right impression and also a memorable experience that can be quite a daunting task. From choosing the location or a significant date in the relationship or even the pressure of the reply can be very confusing to a guy. The impression cannot be a dull moment or a humiliating, that wont make the best memory, among all that he has to worry about, the approach being the most difficult one of them.


How he plans to express it

Saying the words like ’will you marry me’ is not something that is a part of every conversation especially when you want your loved one to be surprised by it. Practising every word and being calm while delivering it is nerve wrecking and can build plenty of pressure.


The moment

Every guy wants to sweet time getting down to one knee at the very right moment and choosing that perfect moment takes plenty of planning and precision. There are plenty of distractions and also disturbances that may ruin the moment and it therefore has to accordingly pace himself to get it right.